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Dmitry Vlasov
Dmitry Vlasov

Review of Rocketmen No.1
Daria Volosova
Daria Volosova

Activation Specialist In Reckitt Benckiser Group

Dear partners! Thank you for your fruitful cooperation. I would like to note the creative approach to work, interesting ideas and the MOST IMPORTANT! willingness to work at any time of the day and effectively create in a very short time. We will be happy to assist in the development of further projects.
Sargsyan Gurgen
Sargsyan Gurgen

Restaurant Manager

Alexander Panov
Alexander Panov

Head of Panov Group

I ordered the development of the logo in the studio "Rocketmen Agency". Everything is implemented without time delays, high quality. 2 key advantages for me - the choice was provided with more than 40 original logo options, as well as the fact that the entire dialogue from the time of application to the final payment was conducted remotely. Guys, thanks for the professionalism. Good luck in business!
100+ projects in 40 industries in 10 countries
We did branding for Auchan, Morshynska, Roshen, Metinvest, Ukrainian Hockey League.
Let’s discuss your project.
We find reasons why customer’s ❤️ beats louder when they 👀 your brand.
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